A downloadable Dangers Afloat for Windows, macOS, and Linux

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• A game full of mischief and mistrust, find where is the tresure and who is the traitor!

• Local multiplayer with up to 6 players.

• Cooperative strategy, communication is the key to win.

• High replayability with procedurally generated maps.

• Use your phones as controllers, only one computer is necessary.

I see ye want to become pirates nay? 

On the phones of each one is a map with all thee dangers lurking on thee sea already charted. However these maps be incomplete, some informations on a map that can be present on one but be not present on another.

At each match there will be a single traitor in the beginning of the game ye will be informed if ye are or not thee traitor.

If ye are NOT thee traitor ye must try to reach thee treasure to win. But if ye ARE ye must try to make the ship sink before if reaches the treasure!

A pirate can’t sail with an empty stomach! Each movement of the ship will consume a supply of food, because of this is important to consider to get some food scattered on the ocean before ye starve.

The traitor has one advantage above the all the players, while the rest of the crew has old and incomplete maps, the traitor has a map with all the dangers detailed all to himself. Traitor use the power of information to deceive the others, and rest of the crew try to identify the traitor and don’t fall for his lies!

Good luck and a great treasure hunting!

This game was made with Tiltspot plugin, for playing you will need to download a game tester at here and follow the instructions for choosing the path for the game and controller.

If you experience any sort of error while playing the game/setting up the game please tell us about it in the comments section or send an email to reallylongbirds@gmail.com. And we'll try to find out what's wrong.  ;)


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This game is awesome!